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The Llygaid Mathemateg Concept

Llygaid Mathemateg looks for mathematics in the world around us. We use images from around Wales and align the questions to the ‘Curriculum for Wales: revised Areas of Learning and programmes of study’.

Mathematics is everywhere in the world around us. Having 'Llygaid Mathemateg' (Maths Eyes) changes the view of mathematics as being something everyone does in school. With ‘Llygaid Mathemateg’ people see the mathematics they do every day - mathematics becomes real and meaningful.

How to use Llygaid Mathemateg

  1. Llygaid Mathemateg can be used as a starting point for a topic, as a plenary activity or at a regular time in the school day such as a morning task or settling down task after play.
  2. After a general initial discussion of the images, learners should put their 'Llygaid Mathemateg' on and see what they can see.
  3. Each image has some question prompts for the adult leading the discussion. These questions have been aligned to the ‘Curriculum for Wales: revised Areas of Learning and programmes of study’ and can be used as a starting point for developing questions appropriate for the learners discussing the image. It is not an exhaustive list of questions and teachers should tailor the questions to suit their class. As staff and learners become more familiar with ‘Llygaid Mathemateg’ they will begin to develop their own mathematical questions.

Why is having Llygaid Mathemateg important?

  1. Having ‘Llygaid Mathemateg’ encourages the use of the real world as a starting point for the relevant exploration in the maths world.
  2. We need to model and teach mathematical language explicitly, giving children time and opportunity to practice the specific vocabulary for each area of maths. ‘Llygaid Mathemateg’ can be used as a starting point for mathematical language acquisition and development.

  3. Having ‘Llygaid Mathemateg’ promotes the usefulness of mathematics – Everyone has ‘Llygaid Mathemateg’ they just need to be opened.

  4. Having ‘Llygaid Mathemateg’ builds confidence in mathematics.

  5. Having ‘Llygaid Mathemateg’ provides excellent opportunities for linking education (primary, secondary, adult) and community.

  6. Having ‘Llygaid Mathemateg’ provides a platform for adults and children to share their maths eyes in their everyday life whether they are shopping, walking, driving, at sports events – everywhere.  Open a channel for dialogue about real world mathematics.

  7. ‘Llygaid Mathemateg’ provides parents with opportunities to talk about mathematics that are not related to homework.

  8. Having ‘Llygaid Mathemateg’ promotes active citizenship and informed decision making.

  9. When teachers, and tutors have ‘Llygaid Mathemateg’ they can identify real world starting points for mathematics teaching and learning that are relevant to the social, cultural and educational context of their learners.

  10. Developing ‘Llygaid Mathemateg’ helps to create a new inheritance for future generations –‘we are all real world maths people’.

  11. Developing ‘Llygaid Mathemateg’ resonates with the philosophy and approach to learning which underpin the curriculum in Wales e.g. ‘A Curriculum for Wales, a Curriculum for Life’ and the LNF.

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