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Developing Numerical Reasoning using everyday classroom resources

Bridgend - October 4th & 5th 

cwmbran - october 6th & 9th

Llandrindod Wells October 12th & 13th

MOLD - October 18th & 19th

Excellent. All the practical ideas and resources which will be invaluable in actually setting up the ideas as soon as I am back in school
— St Patrick's Primary Newport

Why Choose a Numerical Reasoning Workshop?

The Acumia summary report on the numeracy reasoning pre-tests states

Throughout these tests, at all year groups, some children displayed a worrying lack of number sense, giving answers that made no sense within the given context. Many learners adopted an ‘if in doubt, add’ strategy to a wide range of problems. There was almost no evidence of checking strategies.”

Most schools in Wales are providing opportunities for learners to access numerical reasoning activities. The next step is to ensure that this is developed across the curriculum in a meaningful way and that there is clear progression of skills within the year group, across the key stage and across the school. It is essential that schools develop a numeracy rich environment and culture and that the numerical reasoning skills are explicitly taught. This workshop will provide the resources, knowledge and skills to ensure numerical reasoning is developed confidently throughout the school.

Developing NR using Everyday Classroom Resources

Developing numerical reasoning needn’t mean buying expensive resources. This workshop will ensure that staff are confident to develop numerical reasoning activities using common classroom and environment resources. Delegates will have the opportunity to develop numerical reasoning tasks with clear differentiation to support learners in the classroom.

The workshop incorporates the latest curriculum developments and will enable delegates to:

  • develop a numerical reasoning rich culture and environment
  • understand the difference between problem solving and numerical reasoning
  • plan authentic and engaging numerical reasoning opportunities
  • ensure practice aligns with key recommendations from the Donaldson report in preparation for curriculum changes
  • have access to a bank of over 180 numerical reasoning ideas based on resources readily available including multilink, measures, money, shapes, 100 square, digit cards, counters, and tidying-up time




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