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Excellent resources to support numeracy practice.
— Bedwas Infants School, Caerphilly

Numeracy Resource Network

  • There are 6 sessions available for our numeracy resource network.
  • Sessions run from 1:30 to 3:30 or 4:15 to 6:15.
  • All delegates will receive digital copies of the quality resources from the network.
  • A place on a single session costs £25 or join all 6 sessions for just £20 a session. 

To express interest in or to book a network in your area please click on the relevant button

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Session 1 - creating a numeracy rich environment

Effective tools and resources to develop numeracy rich environments across the whole school and in the individual classroom, ensuring progression of skills. There are separate FP and KS2 sessions. 

Session 2 - the Importance of mathematical Discussion

Simple, effective tools and resources to ensure the progressive development of mathematical discussion and questioning in your classroom and across the school.

Session 3 - numeracy across the curriculum; make it reasoning

Ideas and resources for identifying quality opportunities to develop numeracy and numerical reasoning across the curriculum.

Session 4 - Progression in Planning & portfolios

Ensure plans demonstrate the progressive development and reinforcement of pupils’ numeracy skills across a range of areas of learning.  Tools to link the progressive planning to an evidence portfolio.

Session 5 - Teaching numerical reasoning strategies

The difference between problem solving and numerical reasoning. Tools and resources to ensure that numerical reasoning strategies are effectively and explicitly taught.

Session 6 - using everyday resources to develop reasoning

Developing numerical reasoning needn't mean buying expensive resources. A bank of numerical reasoning activity ideas using common classroom and environment resources.