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Numeracy Resources

Primary resource

This resource has 46 activity cards and a PPT of the activities for the reasoning strategy 'If this is the answer, what is the question?'

primary school resource

This pack contains resources that are useful for numeracy coordinators in Welsh primary schools. 

FREE KS2 Resource

Ready to use challenge cards and resources to develop numerical reasoning and mathematical skills through a St David's Day theme. 

FP Resource

A numerical reasoning mat based on the story of Litle Red Riding Hood. This resources has 37 reasoning questions aligned to skills from N to Y3

Primary Resource

Booklets and speech bubble posters to support progression of numerical reasoning questioning from N to Y6.

Primary Resource

Daily numeracy challenge cards for the classroom or at home. Aligned to the LNF expectations for Y1 to Y6 

Primary Resource

These 25 visual strategy cards support learners in choosing a strategy when solving mathematical problems and during numerical reasoning activities. 


Pocket-sized booklets that outline literacy and numeracy skills that can be reinforced and developed in continuous provision from Nursery to Y2.

FP to KS4

Speaking Frames to support the progressive development of learners' numerical reasoning skills and mathematical language from N to Y11

Primary Resource

This is a pocket-sized booklet that sets out the expectation statements for numeracy, colour-coded from Nursery to Y7. 

This double-sided poster is a colourful reminder of simple ways to make an activity reasoning. There are 20 strategies on the poster.

FP Resource

Cards with visual representations of the expectation statements for each year group from N to Y1

Primary Resource

Posters and worksheets for number bonds and factors.

This pack contains calculation resources for a class toolkit. The resources have an Olympic theme.

Free resource for primary schools

Themed numerical reasoning activities based on Llygaid for:

  • Christmas
  • Easter
  • St David's Day

This resource pack contains over 180 ideas for developing numerical reasoning activities using everyday resources.