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Developing Incidental Welsh Workshop

Includes soundbites for parents recorded by native speakers

Wrexham - June 11th 2018

Bridgend June 19th 2018

Llandrindod Wells June 21st 2018

Newport July 4th 2018

Swansea July 5th 2018

Why Choose a Welsh Workshop?

 “Inspectors make recommendations to develop pupils’ Welsh second language skills in over a quarter of English-medium schools. Pupils’ progress in learning Welsh decreases as they get older, so that, although a majority of pupils make good progress in Welsh language development in the Foundation Phase, their progress slows down in subsequent key stages.”
Estyn’s Annual Report

In Wales, government commitment to a truly bilingual Wales is well established. One of the key principles is that all children in Wales have the right to feel a sense of belonging to Wales and to enjoy experiences in and of the Welsh language. 
In a world that is fast becoming a global village, having a particular identity, such as being Welsh, can be exciting and enriching.
Schools need to give high priority to preparing pupils to become part of a bilingual society promoting strongly the use of incidental Welsh.

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The ‘Developing Incidental Welsh across the School’ Workshop

Incidental Welsh needs to be developed consistently and progressively across the whole school to ensure that it fully impacts standards. It is essential that the improvements are led by SLT. The school needs to have a firm, clear vision to prepare pupils to become inclusive members of the bilingual society of Wales and nurture pride in the language, heritage and culture of our country. 

This workshop will:

  • provide a manageable and effective action plan to develop incidental Welsh across the school
  • ensure progression in the use of incidental Welsh across the school
  • ensure all staff support the development of incidental Welsh
  • provide a bank of resources and practical ideas to develop incidental Welsh
  • raise the confidence of staff

What does the Welsh Language Commissioner have to say?