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Stumbling Blocks - Words

stumbling blocks - words

This resource pack contains 37 posters of commonly misused words. Each poster gives examples of correct usage for the two commonly confused words and hot tips for remembering the difference.

The interactive quiz enables learners to test their understanding of the commonly confused words. There are at least 4 questions for each set of commonly confused words and over 160 questions in all.

The quiz is self marking, and learners are shown instantly if they have made the correct choice. Learners can also access the hot tip posters if they need a clue. 



  • a guide for using the posters
  • 37 posters for commonly confused words (white, purple, green or textured backgrounds)
  • an interactive, self-marking PowerPoint quiz (with sound effects)

PLEASE NOTE: This quiz has been developed using Office 2013.  If you have an earlier version of Office or do not have the programme installed on your computer, you will need to upgrade to the latest version of Office or download free compatibility software to view the presentation.