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Spelling Strategies for Different Learning Styles

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Learners who struggle with spelling usually have no spelling strategies to call upon and, when faced with a word they can’t spell, will often just guess. To become better spellers they need to acquire a range of different strategies and find the ones that work best for them.  

These posters offer practical auditory, kinesthetic and visual ideas for learners to develop their spelling skills.

The playing cards can be used in a variety of ways to develop spelling skills:

Create a toolkit to help spellers learn their spellings. Learners can choose a card and try the suggestion written on it.

Make a game of spelling practice – Deal out the cards and children have 5 minutes to learn a new word using the strategy on their card. Who can remember the most spellings in the test at the end of the game?

Use the cards to help learners find their most effective strategies. Learners choose a strategy to learn their spellings in a 10-minute daily practice session. Record the strategy picked and their spelling score in the test on the ‘Spelling Strategy Score Sheet’. Add further evidence by testing them again on the spellings at a later date to see which they have retained the best.