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Resources available to download...


  • Grammar Packs for each year group from Reception to Year Six aligned to the Welsh curriculum 
  • 4 high frequency word challenge presentations (MP4 video or 2013 PowerPoint ) Challenge learners to correctly record all of the high- frequency words in the allocated time. Reception Underwater World theme - bubble sound effects; y1 Hot Air Balloon theme - birds sound effects; Y2 Aeroplane theme - engine sound effects; and Y3 Dragon World theme - alien sound effects.
  • 4 editable High Frequency Spelling Mats aligned to high frequency spelling lists for Reception to Year Three
  • 4 code breaker puzzles using high frequency words from Reception to Year One  (for older learners still developing high frequency word spellings)
  • 6 Word Block puzzles, PowerPoint Picture presentation and printable sheets
  • Stumbling Blocks - colourful posters for 37 common misused words, with examples of usage and hot tips.
  • Stumbling Blocks Quiz - interactive and self-marking PowerPoint quiz to test learners understanding of the commonly misused words. Over 160 questions. Learners can access the hot tip posters if they need a clue. PowerPoint includes a visual with sound effects for correct and incorrect answers.
  • Pocket-sized booklet showing progression of literacy skills in the Welsh curriculum Nursery to Y7
  • Pocket-sized booklet of questions to develop literacy skills in the reading area - Welsh curriculum N to Y2
  • Pocket-sized booklet of questions to develop literacy skills in the maths area - Welsh curriculum Nursery to Y2
  • Literacy intervention feedback templates aligned to the LNF for Read Write Inc, Fresh Start, Nessie and Rapid Readers


  • Numeracy Co ordinator Pack including ideas for developing a numeracy rich environment, display checklist, progressive numerical reasoning questions from N to Y6, make it reasoning ideas for numeracy elements, lesson observation and Learning Walk pro formas, numerical reasoning speaking frames for Nursery to Y6 and skill audit templates
  • Maths vocabulary posters for N to Y2 aligned to POS expectations
  • Little Red Riding hood Reasoning Mat, PowerPoint and printable images. 37 reasoning questions aligned to skills in the Welsh curriculum for Nursery to Y3
  • Challenge Cards for fractions, decimals and percentages Year 2 to Year 6
  • St Davids Day numerical reasoning challenge area
  • Maths vocabulary cards with visual examples for Nursery to Y1
  • Pocket-sized booklet showing progression of numeracy skills in the Welsh curriculum Nursery to Y7
  • Pocket-sized booklet to support using questioning to develop learners' reasoning. 
  • Reasoning Question Progression - one pathway of progression for questioning from N to Y6
  • Pocket-sized booklets of numerical reasoning questions progressing from Nursery to Y6
  • Pocket-sized booklet of questions to develop numeracy skills in the reading area - Welsh curriculum N to Y2
  • Pocket-sized booklet of questions to develop numeracy skills in the maths area - Welsh curriculum N to Y2
  • Spider Maths - posters and worksheets looking at bonds to 10, bondsto 20 and bonds to 1,2 and 3
  • Llygaid Mathemateg themed Make it Reasoning activities including Christmas, Easter and St David's Day
  • Numeracy interventions feedback template aligned to the LNF for secondary schools


  • Peer and self-assessment mats and speech bubbles to support progressive development of skills from Nursery to Y6
  • Editable whole-class numeracy target template
  • Editable self assessment booklet template


  • Numeracy questions and activity ideas for 'What the Ladybird heard next' by Julia Donaldson
  • Authentic Task Pack includes ideas and templates for real-life tasks for engaging parents, a Roald Dahl themed special celebration and a Rent -a-Gran task.
  • Developing progressive incidental Welsh from Nursery to Y6. Booklets and posters for the following activities: 

Welsh in the Classroom, 

Welsh on the Playground, 

Welsh in the Dinner Hall, 

Welsh for Playing Games, 

Welsh in Circle Time, 

Welsh in the Office, 

Welsh with Visitors, 

Welsh in the Tuck Shop, 

Welsh in PE Lessons, 

Welsh in Mathematic lessons, 

Welsh in English lessons, 

Welsh in Music Lessons, 

Welsh in Art and Craft Lessons, 

Welsh for AfL, 

Welsh in Assembly, 

Welsh in Registration Time





Coming Soon


  • 39 Word block puzzles
  • Grammar bingo games
  • A to Z posters for...said, went, sang, run, walked, happy and sad


  • Problem Solving Strategy Cards
  • Maths vocabulary cards Y2
  • Numeracy Spiders - for divisors, ways to make... Worksheets and PPT

Diamond members only


  • Ideas sheet for numeracy and literacy rich tasks for the topic of Castles and Dragons
  • Practical numerical reasoning activities using everyday classroom resources
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