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Developing Incidental Welsh booklets and Posters

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Available to download as progressive booklets showing the progression throughout the primary school for each area or as year group specific booklets

inside this resource

These pocket-sized booklets and A4 posters are designed to increase bilingualism in primary schools. Using this resource is a simple and effective way to ensure that progression is built into incidental Welsh language learning throughout the primary school.

 Each booklet and set of posters contains progressive incidental Welsh phrases from Nursery to Year 6 for different activities throughout the school day.

The pocket-sized booklets are ideal for supporting all staff in schools to improve the use of incidental Welsh.

The pack also contains posters of the phrases for each booklet. There are versions of the booklets and posters for both North and South Wales.

To make the pocket-sized booklet, simply print the whole document back-to-back, cut the document in half (width-ways), place the bottom half at the back and fold into a booklet.

Booklets and posters for the following activities: 

Welsh in the Classroom, 

Welsh on the Playground, 

Welsh in the Dinner Hall, 

Welsh for Playing Games, 

Welsh in Circle Time, 

Welsh in the Office, 

Welsh with Visitors, 

Welsh in the Tuck Shop, 

Welsh in PE Lessons, 

Welsh in Mathematic lessons, 

Welsh in English lessons, 

Welsh in Music Lessons, 

Welsh in Art and Craft Lessons, 

Welsh for AfL, 

Welsh in Assembly, 

Welsh in Registration Time