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Dragon Steps - Authentic Tasks

Authentic Tasks

Dragon Step Authentic Tasks are designed to give learners engaging, real-life opportunities to develop and apply their skills in a context that is relevant to them. 

The new curriculum for Wales aims to promote high achievement and engage the interest of all learners to help them reach their potential, by making learning more experience-based, and by giving teachers the flexibility to deliver in more creative ways that suit the learners they teach.

Dragon Step Authentic Tasks are developed with this goal in mind and are aligned to the six areas or learning and cross-curricular responsibilities for literacy, numeracy and digital competence. The tasks provide effective opportunities for formative assessment.

Authentic Task Packs


A Special Celebration Day Task

  • Roald Dahl's Birthday - ideas, activities and templates for learners to create a special celebration day based on the theme of Roald Dahl

Rent-a-gran Task

  • Working with older people in the community - ideas and activities for learners to engage with the community

Parental Engagement Task

  • Engaging with parents and carers - ideas, activities and templates for learners to engage parents and carers with everyday school life.

Other authentic Tasks coming soon