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AfL Workshop

Bridgend - September 28th 

MOLD - September 25th

Why Choose the AfL Workshop?

β€˜The Welsh Government has acknowledged weaknesses in its assessment framework and that assessment for learning approaches are not well understood and embedded. Its educational improvement plan recognises that there is a need to  provide the kind of high-quality feedback that comes from good formative assessment – assessment for the purpose of informing the next steps in teaching and learning by identifying whether children and young people are progressing as intended – if the achievements of children and young people in Wales are to improve. '                                                                                                          Professor Graham Donaldson
Many teachers spend a considerable amount of time marking learners work and yet it has little impact on results. Marking should be an integral part of formal assessment and an on-going feature of lessons. Estyn Inspection guidelines state that inspectors should evaluate:
     how well oral feedback and marking enable pupils to know how well they are doing and what they need to do to improve; 
     whether staff consistently encourage pupils to take note of feedback; 
This course will enable teachers to work smarter not harder in order to ensure that AfL strategies and marking has a measurable impact.

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AfL Workshop

This workshop will ensure that staff understand and can apply the principles of AfL ensuring that marking feeds back effectively leading to action and immediate improvement in learners work. Delegates will have clear examples of effective marking and AfL in action.
The workshop incorporates the latest curriculum developments and will enable delegates to:

  •      ensure greater consistency in assessment for learning strategies 
  •      have access to a bank of AfL strategies and develop  a team coaching approach
  •      ensure marking is time effective and leads to immediate improvement in learners work
  •      develop understanding of high quality, effective marking - work smarter not harder
  •      ensure that the quality of written feedback helps pupils to improve their work 
  •      explicitly teach quality self and peer assessment strategies
  •      promote metacognition in learners
  •      engage learners with the quality of their work & help them reflect on how to improve it 
  •      gain a bank of ready-to-use resources for progressive self & peer assessment N to Y6
  •       have access to a bank of resources to support assessment and marking

Assessment & Progression Key Messages