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Meet the Talac Gang

The Talac Gang are a group of dragons who have mathematical adventures through stories.

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    Meet the Talac Gang

    This letter introduces the origins of the dragons and sets the scene for the upcoming stories. 

    The letter can also be used as a hook for a numeracy lesson where The Talac Gang Top Trump Cards are being used.

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    Top trump Cards Activity Pack

    The Talac Gang Top Trump cards introduce the characters from the Maths through Stories series.

    There are 10 differentiated activities for developing numeracy skills using ‘The Talac Gang Top Trump cards’.

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    Coming Soon...

    Meet Dwbl the Doubling Dragon in the first book of the series. Dwbl has a problem. He can't stop doubling and soon his world will be full. Find out what becomes of Dwbl and help him solve some mathematical puzzles in 'A Tale of Two Cities'.