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Christmas Maths Assessment Pack

A fun, interactive resource that can be used in a variety of ways to develop and assess maths and numerical reasoning skills. 

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Complements the ‘mastery’ approach, developing conceptual learning and making links across maths
concrete - pictorial - abstract
Ideal for developing cooperative learning

There are between 15 & 20 fully-resourced activities per year group including numerical reasoning questions – a total of approximately 160 practical activities in a whole school pack.

Each station in the trail has 3 activities:

Check the Skill - learners investigate the skill using physical resources.

Test the Skill - learners use pictorial representations to investigate the skill (includes an  

                                 extension activity).

Make it Reasoning - learners further develop the skill through applying their numerical

                                           reasoning skills (includes an extension activity).

Challenge MAT learners
Develop parental engagement